Environmental Outreach to 20 Cape & Islands Faith Communities

Beyond UCB


The Unitarian Church of Barnstable joined the Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative (5Cs) in 2015 and pledged to reduce our church building’s carbon footprint as well as inspire our congregation to reduce our household carbon footprints. The 5Cs was the brain child of Rich Delaney of the Center For Coastal Studies.

In 2017 we expanded our collaboration by partnering with the First Federated Church of Orleans (FCO) and together co-founded the “5Cs Faith Communities Environmental Network” or FCEN. FCEN has reached out to other Cape & Islands faith communities such that now there are 20 members from a variety of faith traditions.

In 2018 UCB achieved a major victory with the installation of our rooftop Solar, and the vibrant Solar Working Group is now mentoring other churches to develop their path to Solar.

In 2019 various churches will sponsor Faith & Science Events throughout Cape Cod, involving the Woods Hole Research Center and Faith Leaders. Visit the 5Cs website to read about the Faith community's experiences.

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