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The Children and Youth Ministries is a Co-creative Program, and we ask all parents and guardians to actively participate. It is our expectation that parents will serve as a Program Leader at least once every other year to support the Children and Youth Ministries and to get to know the program, other families, children and youth. We also encourage all families to become members of UCB and support our program through pledging.

Program Leaders and volunteers are valued members of our community. They are people who care enough about children and youth to spend time with them on a weekly basis, care enough about the Barnstable UU to understand that our children and youth are our present and our future, and care enough about our faith to want to help children and youth to find a home in it.

If being a program leader is not for you at this time, there are many other ways to be part of the Children and Youth Ministries program.  We encourage every member of UCB to find a way to be a part of our Children and Youth Ministries.  Sharing your time, energy and kindness is a spiritual act, an act of personal transformation!

Please register or volunteer. Please fill out the Registration and Volunteer Form (opens a new window with PDF form) and return it to deer as soon as you are able to do so. Thank you.

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